The Best Pakistani Photographers and Videographers in NYC for Nikah and Muslim Wedding Photography and Videography.

Best 25 Photos of Top Muslim Wedding Photography in NYC NJ

The Best Pakistani Photographers and Videographers in NYC for Nikah and Muslim Wedding Photography and Videography in Long Island New York and New Jersey areas.

Why is it important to capture your Big day? | Indian Wedding photographers NY

Your wedding comes once in your lifetime, it is not about only the willingness of the two people who decide to spend their whole lives with each other but also the outcome of that much planning and preparation that all members of the family have done before. Despite all the Muslim Wedding Photography plans you have made on hand, your big day will not get free from some inevitable chaos. But luckily when you have hired some expert capturer, your day ends up with a lot of memorable moments captured that has a great emotional value for you.

We understand the differences in culture and religious values that are particular to Muslim Wedding Photography only. So, do not doubt it in any way!

You may have a lot of options available like suggestions from your friends and family, and you might be considering them as well. But where do you begin? We are a team of skilled Indian photographers specialized in every type of Muslim wedding photography and videography with highly flexible packages that can fit your budget. No matter it is a luxury wedding or a small, intimate affair, we will capture your precious moments in a way that they are preserved forever.

Best NYC Photographers for Muslim Wedding Photography and Videography

Portrait Photography
Portrait Photography

Muslim Bride Portraits

Nikah and Walima Photography and Videography by CandleLight Studio NYC

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Muslim Wedding Videography

Muslim Mehndi, Nikah and Walima Packages

  • Bridal Party Digital Photography
  • Cinematic Wedding Video
  • Coffee Table Photo Book

Wedding Photography ranges between $1000 and $1800.

We take between 400 and 600 photos at a wedding and that includes family photos.

Let Us make your special day even more special! | Wedding photographers NY

Candlelight Photographers offer a Bridal shoot that revolves around the bride (Dulhan) of course. It is her day, and she is the most important figure that day. We make her a priority and capture her beautiful dress, hair, makeup, and flowers, and everything in the surroundings. You will really feel special during the shoot as well as when we deliver the photographs. It will surely make you relive those precious moments again.

When you are handing over this precious and special responsibility to the Candlelight Photographers team, you should not be worrying about Photography anymore. Our professional team will cover your Nikah or Barat and Walima day perfectly. You need not go formal or uncomfortable, as we know the perfect timings of the shot. We capture your memories in a way that they will remain fresh forever.

How to choose the Best Photographer in NY for your Muslim Wedding Ceremony?

Wedding photography is different from that of an ordinary photography. And of course, it demands more attention to details and cultural values. It is not the same way in which you can cover all the weddings. Every wedding has its unique details that need to be considered in order to capture photos from the apt angle.

You might have so many options to consider, but you have to choose the best one out of them. It’s only possible when you consider everything related to your shoot including the shoot itself, the budget, and the team of photographers who will be there by your side during this most important day of your life. It should be someone who is able to capture all the emotional and happy moments of the bride in a natural way without making it formal or uncomfortable.

We specialize in Muslim Wedding Photography specifically in Pakistani wedding Photography as we have extensive experience in attending and capturing weddings that follow Pakistan’s traditions and Islamic rules and regulations. We assure you that our shoots will be of High quality and in both soft and hard copy (wedding album) form.

Candlelight Studio| Wedding photographers NY

Candlelight studio covers Muslim wedding events including Mehndi, Barat, walima, Bridal showers, engagement, and similar events in New York and New Jersey areas. The ambitious team has covered more than 1000 successful wedding events so far and counting more. You will get value for the price for your precious moments.

We understand that the marriage ceremony days come with excitement as well as little anxiety, but we will make it memorable for you by capturing the beautiful natural moments that you will cherish forever.

We offer affordable budget packages that cover various things depending on the package type (i.e., Basic, or Premium), we offer photography services, as well as 4K Videography, Drone shots, and photo albums of your favorite photos.

We really appreciate early bookings! Call us today to enjoy a 5% discount on your favorite photography package!

About Surinder Singh| Professional Wedding Photographer NY:

Surinder Singh is a diverse man who has a vast knowledge of all cultures and is highly skilled at capturing dazzling wedding moments of Muslim religion and Pakistani culture in NYC and NJ areas.

He has been capturing these precious moments for over 20 years. Surinder values all religions and traditional values to capture every Muslim wedding ceremony in a unique way. He has also been recognized by the American Wedding Group and has been carrying it so well.

Surinder Singh has experience of over 1000 weddings that he has covered so far. He and his highly professional teamwork passionately deliver the best quality photos, videos, and Drone shots captured on your big day. He builds trust in his customers by offering them flexible budget packages for the wedding and pre-wedding events in New York and surrounding areas.

Let us embellish your Mehndi and Dholak events! |Muslim Wedding Photography New York:

A wedding brings a lot of celebrations and happy moments that you spend with your loved ones. Before the main event days, Pakistanis began their celebrations before. Dholak and Mehndi events are among those enjoyable events that everyone remembers more than the other events. Because these events are usually celebrated by the bride’s friends and family cousins. This is the time when the bride actually enjoys her wedding. She puts on mehndi and her friends sing and dance to make those precious days, even more, cherishable.

Muslim weddings are celebrated according to the Islamic wedding traditions that are very unique and special in their own way. Other than that Pakistan has its own traditions and customs that are considered and followed during the wedding days.

How is it about spending those special days without capturing any memory? I am sure you will never want it to pass like that! So why you are not booking your special pre-wedding days beforehand?

Call us now and get your bookings done beforehand!

Premium Packages offered by Wedding photographers NY:

We also offer premium packages that include both the photos and video options by a Muslim wedding photographer. We deliver unedited High end 4K video highlights of your wedding event captured during the 4 hours of your celebrations. Our golden package includes high-resolution photos and 4K quality video highlights of your marriage ceremony.

We also add various effects and music to make it more valuable. You will also get a free online gallery along with this golden package of photography and Muslim wedding videography.

Be sure that the pictures are High-quality and can be used in photo albums easily. You can also display your wedding photo session against your room’s walls. Moreover, your favorite photos will also be displayed on our website.

Are you having Nikah soon? Or Mehndi dholak function coming? Do not get distracted. Hire Professional NY Wedding Photographers to capture your sweet special moments!

Let us capture the Emotional Moments of your Barat day| Wedding photographers NY:

Barat is an important event in the series of events of Muslim wedding ceremonies. It is hosted by the bride’s side and all the relatives and friends join them at some marriage hall or open garden. All family members wait for the groom and his family to arrive. They are given priority and are welcomed by the flowers. This is the time when everyone is emotional as well as excited because the bride has to go with the groom after performing some traditional customs.

You definitely need a good photographer to shoot all this for you because this is never going to happen again in your life, you can relive these moments only if you have video and highlights of the event with you.

Here comes the importance of a professional photographer who can be your best friend and can capture each and every natural moment from a great angle. New York Muslim photographers are one of the best photographers in the town. We capture your whole celebration and event in a way that allows you to relive the beautiful moments again and again in your life.

Rukhsati is the main part of the Barat event shoot because everyone gets emotional that time, it is not something against nature. Obviously, when you are leaving the home you have lived in for years and years, you get emotional. Everyone hugs you and it is time to say goodbye to your parents and siblings. We value your emotions and sentiments of that time, so we take it as the most special shoot without missing any moment. We capture every smile, every natural tear in an amazing way. Those highlights and the last-moment hugs will definitely refresh all those moments in your mind again.

In addition to that, we have designed various packages to make it easy for you to select the package according to your need. All packages are flexible and are done professionally by our great team of skilled photographers, so do not worry about the quality of the photos and videos. You will get the best.
Also, we provide shoot day photos within few days of your big day, and we also provide a wedding photo album of your favorite photos.

To avoid rush, book us now and enjoy 5% exclusive Discount on all wedding shoots!

Are you having Walima function coming soon? Or looking for a professional wedding photographers’ team for the similar event?

Walima function is one of the important occasions of the wedding’s events. It is the time when the bride and groom get ready from the groom’s side and come on stage together. This is the time when both sides of the family come together and have lunch/dinner together. It is actually celebrated to enjoy the happy moments together as it is the happy beginning of the precious relation between Dulha and Dulhan.

Candlelight team of Indian Photographers capture reception, smiling guests, and of course the bride and the groom’s happy moments. It solely depends on your family whether you want to have a photoshoot of your indoor preparations or not.

We as a team of Muslim photographers and videographers will shoot your every moment from entrance to every minute detail of the decoration in a unique way. We consider the fact that Muslim wedding traditions are followed and practiced during Pakistanis weddings, so we assure you will not get distracted by our photographers anyway.

We can provide documentary-style Muslim wedding photography as well, which will highlight all the events in chronological order. Or any other photography style that you may like to have as a precious memory of your Muslim Wedding Tradition.

Reach out to us, we would love to hear your ideas!

Different Shoots offered by Wedding Photographers NY:

Pakistani photographers and videographers offer highly flexible options and pictures/shoots that you would love to see. We offer different types of shoots along with a range of options for video highlights and drone shots. We also specialize in cinematography that will make your wedding albums, even more, cherishable.

We have a package of Pakistani Wedding photography in which you will get couple’s photos on and off the stage that are captured moment by moment. We provide a soft copy of the photos on a USB drive that you can easily see on any of your devices. The next package is related to Muslim Wedding Videography in which you will get the video Highlights of what we have captured during 4 hours of your event. In the same way as photos, the video will be provided to you in a USB Drive that you can connect to any one of your devices and can enjoy the natural moments captured during the event.